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By By From Lombok - paket wisata lombok Many people want to go to Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara Province. Region which is famous for Senggigi Beach, Kuta Lombok's Sasak and Weaving. There's a bit of a tourist attraction in Lombok that are well known and also worldwide. There's another case with by him. By by The chili is included as one of the attractions that are required to visit in Lombok. The following types of souvenirs typical of the island of Lombok which we have summarized for you to try to take home as a souvenir of the island of Lombok. For fans of fashion fabric archipelago, these items shall be purchased. Sasak fabrics are available in a variety of pricing options. The more refined and good motives, the more expensive price. tour lombok There sasak batik cloth that can be used as a shirt with prices starting at Rp 150,000 - Rp 350,000. His motives are quite simple and attractive, the material was smooth. Another result of hand woven fabric with gold threads sold at higher prices. For materials smooth, can cost more than Rp 600,000. Not all the fabric must be purchased in the form of material. Fabrics can also be purchased in the form of a shirt so with prices starting at Rp 200,000 as well as in the form of a scarf and pasmina starting price of USD 100,000. There is also a form of sheath with prices starting at Rp 150,000. paket wisata lombok Sasak fabrics can be found in the area Cilinaya. Pearls can be said to be the most luxurious souvenirs. You must be dug deeper pockets to be able to afford it. There are black-colored pearl bracelet and white. Pearl bracelet sold at prices starting at Rp 100,000. Cheap or expensive price depends on ukurannya.Mutiara can also dujumpai in the form of necklaces.paket tour lombok For this, the price is more expensive, ranging from Rp 400,000. An expensive necklace can be worth more than $ 1,000,000. The most expensive is a ring, for both men and women. A ring with a pearl eye can be worth $ 1,000,000. mutiara lombok This pearl jewelry can be found in souvenir shops in the area Cilinaya.Sumbawa, the territory included in West Nusa Tenggara Province is one of the best honey producers in Indonesia. Sumbawa honey can be found in Lombok. There are two types of honey are sold, the usual honey colored brownish yellow and white honey comes from bees that live on coral reefs and white. Sumbawa honey has become a national icon and is believed to increase endurance and treat various diseases. White honey, for example, is believed to treat neurological diseases. Honey is sold at a price range from Rp 30,000 for 250 ml packing up to nearly USD 200,000 for the packaging contains almost 1 liter jerry can. harga mutiara Related Articles: Lombok Property

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